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    Please download the electronic version of Anandaya Magazine September 2014 from the archival section of the web site.


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    Jaffna Hindu College, the foremost seat of learning for Hindus in Sri Lanka and Ananda College Colombo, the equivalent for Buddhists, combined yet again to further strengthen inter-school ties through a series of events held from 24th to 27th April that included a cricket match, an English debate, a celebratory dinner and a day out at a leisure centre.


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    Olcott Oration 2013




    Professor Sunil J. Wimalawansa, MD, PhD, MBA, DSc New Jersey, United States of America  delivered the 2013 Olcott Oration on 30th November on the topic “Water Pollution-Associated ill Health: Special Emphasis on Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka”. A summarised version of the Oration was published in The Daily Mirror on Saturday 22nd February Page A9 (http://www.dailymirror.lk/opinion/172-opinion/43526-water-pollution-and-chronic-kidney-disease-in-sri-lanka.html). The full text of the speech can be found on here.


    Prof. Wimalawansa explained that approximately 5,000 farmers in the North Central Province die each year of kidney failure mainly due to CKD, whilst many are undiagnosed and that a major effort is needed to reduce these deaths by educating, training and monitoring water quality and supply of purified clean waterto them. As a result of these deaths there are no surviving adult men in some families and 2.8 million people are at the risk of contracting this deadly disease. Unless intervened now and if the CKD related premature deaths of adult males continue at the current rate, only 10% of the adult male population will survive in NCP by 2045, compared with 2013. Current statistics show that the deaths from CKD have already outnumbered the human losses attributed to the 2004 tsunami.


    Prof. Wimalawansa, who is determined to walk the talk and make a change to save many innocent lives and to empower families in the region, has been doing yeomen service in launching a global project that covers the entire North Central Province to curb the Chronic Kidney Disease issue. As a leading international scientist, he is also addressing many myths related to this disease.

    The Global proposal he initiated in coalition with several other philanthropic groups consists of six inter-linked projects to help our farming communities. One of these is topurchase, install, and maintain around 450 Reverse Osmosis water purification units with a capacity to produce 20,000 litres (~5,000 gallons) of clean and safe water a day, for these villages at a cost of USD 4.5 million.


    The goal is to provide clean water in an affordable, accessible, and sustainable manner to all affected villages and surrounding villages. Installing large central plants can inconvenience people as they will be forced to walk 2 to 3 km daily to obtain clean water, unless there is an extensive network of pipes linked to the central plant. Thus, the most practical and the cost-effective way is to provide reverse osmosis units in the centre of each village (as proposed in the Global project), so that villagers do not have to walk more than half a kilo meter to obtain clean water. These plants do not pollute the environment.

    The current fund raiser illustrated in the above link is intended to support these six-projects in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. If you are in a position to help this worthy cause, please contact Prof. Wimalawansa via email suniljw@hotmail.com or any of the e-mail address provided in the presentation. Donation information for this project is included in the page 2.


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    New Year Celebrations for year 2014 of ACOBA was held at OBA office on 1st of January 2014. School Principal, vice Principals, ACOBA President and other officials were presented at this moment.

    President of ACOBA, Mr. Lalith Senanayake presented a copy of the September 2013 Newsletter to Principal MR. Kithsiri Liyanagamage. Mr. Bimal Wijayasinghe, VP and the Chair of the  Mass Media & Communication Sub Committee presented a copy of the Newsletter to the vice Principal.

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