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    MajGen. Jagath Dias Felicitation Event, Pic by Manjula Makolage

    MajGen. Jagath Dias felicitating event
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    Please download the full version of the speech from here






    Olcott Oration 2015
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    A Flicitation Banquet for Ananda College & Nalanda College parliamentarians of 8th Parliment of Sri Lanka was held on 22nd September 2015 at Eagle lakeside, Attidiya. Organized by Old boys' Associations of both Colleges.

    For More Info:

    Ananda :

    • Lakmal Fernando - 0777313072
    • Bimal Wijesinghe - 0777587262


    • Udara Widanagamage - 0714554006 / 0773633193
    • Shakila Perera - 0773741733


    Brotherhood of Maroons
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    The official launch of book "Kularatne of Ananda" - The Life and Work of P. de S. Kularatne,  will take place on the  evening of Dec 3 (Thursday) at Kularatne Hall, Ananda College.
    Prof. J.B. Disanayaka and Prof. Sudharshan Seneviratne will speak on the occasion.

    All are welcome


    Kularatne of Ananda
    The Life and Work of P. de S. Kularatne
    by Kamalika Pieris

    The first comprehensive English biography
    Sarasavi Publishers
    400 pages Rs. 750


    P de S. Kularatne was 3 months shy of 25 years when he took over as Principal of Ananda College on 1st January, 1918. Ananda, the most prominent Buddhist school in colonial Ceylon, still had less than 500 students after over 30 years of existence. Kularatne arrived straight out of the University of London, having obtained three degrees in the space of four years, and had no experience in administration. But in a few years he, together with a band of inspired teachers, supporters and benefactors, transformed Ananda into a pre-eminent national institution with influence far beyond traditional education. All this was achieved with meagre financial resources, a generally unsupportive (and sometimes obstructive) government and during a period of intense political ferment. When he retired 25 years later, Ananda College was synonymous with excellence. How did he do it ?

    Kularatne is best known as an outstanding educationist and is mainly remembered as the person responsible for developing Ananda College into a leading school. He was a prominent figure in 'Buddhist education' and many Buddhist schools owe their existence to him. He pioneered secondary education in swabhasha, encouraged the teaching of indigenous dances and folk poetry in school and devised a comfortable alternative to western dress. He was at the forefront of the political movement to expand educational opportunities to the disadvantaged and was instrumental in creating a Chair for Sinhala in the university. Kularatne initiated the Commission that led to the formation of the Employees' Provident Fund and was responsible for much of the urban infrastructure of modern Ambalangoda. His contributions to these other sectors have received little publicity and, in some instances, the credit due to him has gone to others.

    There is at present no definitive account of the part played by Kularatne and Ananda College in the  nationalist movement of the 20th century. The large amount of primary material unearthed while researching into the life of Kularatne is very illuminating. Such information often gets lost in the writing of a biography. Therefore, in this work, every iota of valuable information was retained and specifically woven into the narrative. This book can be read as a biography and also as a study on selected aspects of British rule in Sri Lanka.


    Author Kamalika Pieris studied Sociology at University of Ceylon and obtained the Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship from University of London. She has held positions as librarian in the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Indian Ocean Regional Office, Colombo, Sri Lanka National Library Services Board, National Institute of Business Management, Postgraduate Institute of Medicine and Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. Her publications include Medical profession in Sri Lanka 1843-1980; Bibliography of medical publications relating to Sri Lanka 1811-1976; Bibliography on urban Sinhala theatre 1867-1986; and Sinhala cinema 1948-1986.
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    Please download the electronic version of Anandaya Magazine September 2015 from the archival section of the web site.






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    Please download the electronic version of Anandaya Magazine March 2015 from the archival section of the web site.


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